Aromatherapy Gift Set With Chakra Series Oil

Quantity: 100
Brands: Ekam
Tax Additional: 18% Extra
Usual Delivery Time: 3 to 5 Working Days
Customization Options: Digital Transfer Printing
Product Type: Made to Order

  • Third Eye Chakra: Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Clary Sage, Pine, Frankincense Serrata
  • Crown Chakra: Rosewood, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lemon
  • Contains: 2 N of fragrance oils, 1 N of Scented Candle, 1 N of Ceramic Pot & 1 N of T-light Candle
  • Set the festive mood on and send this beautifully curated premium aromatherapy set. This gift set gleams, it smells divine and it is luxurious. You can either gift it, covet it or even keep it for yourself. It will fill your home with a beautiful fragrance and is a statement decor piece.