Greys and Blues Canne Laptop BackPack


‌Keep your electronics safe and sound with this sleek backpack! 

While this Canne backpack is designed with tech-savvy in mind, it's also great for travel. 

The three compartments ensure that you can store your laptops and tablets separately from other items while still having enough room inside both ends of its handy exterior pocket if need!

The bag features a variety of handy pouches on the inside and outside that provide ample storage space to store.

It has an inside pocket for keeping water bottles, another where you can store cables and wires without worrying about them getting tangled up with other things; plus there's even space inside the front compartment which allows quick access when needed! 

Product Type Ready Stock
Customization Options Embroidery
Usual Delivery Time 3 to 5 Working Days
Brands Greys and Blues
Tax Additional 12% Extra