Grow Station, Desk Lamp with UV Light Plant Pot Holder ,Table Lamps with Adjustable Brightness Fan, Smartphone Holder USB Output Port Oxygen Booster Xech

Brands: Xech
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  • Small plants,such as Microgreens, thrive in well-lit environments. This is where you come in. Grow Station is a unique multi-functional desk lamp which is equipped with a UV Spectrum Light that can be controlled by a single, light touch. This provides nourishment to the plant, even in the absence of Sunlight
  • Grow Station is embedded with a Premium-Build Fan with harmless blades, that work at a consistent-always-on speed. This provides a steady flow of Natural Air required for plant growth, even if your Grow Station is placed far away from the window. Also, keeps things cool at your desk too.
  • The conveniently placed USB Power Output port on the Grow Station multi-functional desk lamp can charge or provide power to all USB Powered Devices. This just makes things really easy. This unique Desk Lamp even has a Mobile Holder section, which makes it super convenient to watch a Movie/Video in Landscape mode while your device is charging.
  • Xech Grow Station 6 in 1 Desk Lamp with UV Light has touch sensitive keys with a feather light touch, it’s almost like magic!
  • Multiple Grow Stations in a Single Office could significantly boost Indoor Oxygen Levels, keeping the working environment vibrant and fresh & of course greener.