3-In-1 magnetic Wireless Charging Station (25W)

3-In-1 magnetic Wireless Charging Station (25W)

Lifelong LLM306 500W Electric Foot Spa Machine with 8 Manual Rollers


‌Manual Rollers: Foot Spa Massager comes with 8 manual rollers to improve blood circulation, provide bubble massage and infrared water heating, relieve fatigue and stress, Temperature Control: Yes

Built-in water heating: Through in-built water heating technology, the water temperature can be set from 35 to 48 ° C; Power: 500W

Digital panel: Many functions such as bubble massage, heating and timer for foot spa can be controlled with digital panel which is a part of the machine

No Slip Handle: Foot Spa Massager has a no-slip handle for easy movement which makes it easy to change water.

Drain pipe: Once the foot spa process is completed, water can be extracted from the machine through the drain pipe which is placed behind the machine.

Stylish design: It has a stylish and elegant appearance that makes it perfect for personal use or as a gift for others.

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