Polymer Power Bank 5000mAh - PP-511

Polymer Power Bank 5000mAh - PP-511

Polymer Power Bank 27000 mAh - STYLO PRO


The all new Ambrane Stylo Pro 27000mAh power bank is made to deliver an optimum 20W output with a high speed charge to all your devices. Bid adieu to low battery with Quick Charge 3.0 and PD (Power Delivery) Technology. Spend less time charging and more time entertained with multiple charging ports. Stylo Pro comes with 12 layers of protection which make charging not just fast but also safe and reliable.

Product Features-:

  • Robust 27000mAh - Lithium Polymer 27000mAh capacity allows you to flexibly charge your devices multiple times. It can charge iPhone 12 – 6.2 times, OnePlus Nord - 4.3 times.
  • 20W Fast Charging Output – Thunderous 20 Watts PD and 3.0 QC output for boosted charging speed, so that you always thrive on high speed. It carries a substantial capacity to charge your mobile 50%  in as quickly as 30 minutes on average.
  • 20W Fast Charging Input – The powerbank itself can get charged in 12 to 13 hours as it has Power Delivery Technology which supports 20W fast charging input via Type C port.
  • Charge 3 Devices at once – With 2 USB ports and 1 Type C port for output, it can charge 3 devices at the same time.
  • Compact and Stylish - Supremely modern design makes it a style statement while its compact body makes it extremely travel-friendly at the same time.
  • Permitted in Flights - Keep on your in-flight entertainment by keeping your favourite gadgets well-charged with your easy-to-carry 27000mAh travel buddy.
  • Widely Compatible - Compatible with all devices that can be charged via USB or Type C port. (Fast charging output is subject to the cable and charging capabilities of the device being charged.)
  • Power Delivery – It has 20W Power Delivery for both input and output- a fast charging technology, supported by certain devices, which delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging.
  • Secure and Reliable – The sturdy outer body and 12 layers of advanced chipset protection offer a safe charging experience. Certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards on safety
Product Type Ready Stock
Customization Options U V Printing, Screen Printing
Usual Delivery Time 5 to 10 Working Days
Brands Ambrane
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