Boat Wave Fit Smart Watch (Olive Green)

Boat Wave Fit Smart Watch (Olive Green)

Fire-Boltt Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Portronics Kronos X2 Smart Wrist Watch


1. SPO2 Measuring Index - For someone who loves hikes and treks, this feature is a standalone feature. As in any high altitude trek or hike, the oxygen levels deplete. It is hard to keep a check on your body stats of SPO2, this is where this smartwatch will measure it for you and help you ration your oxygen supplies! 

 2. Heart Beat Monitoring - : Don't skip a beat they say and yes you indeed wouldn't! With the heart beats tracker you can know how many times your heart beats in 60 secs and you can be assured that you have all your stats right on your wrist! 

 3. IP67 Water and Splash Resistant: - : We love taking a dip here and there, don't we! And what convenience it would be to have your smartwatch strapped in and all safe, well with IP67 resistance this smartwatch wouldnt disappoint you 

 4. 100+ Watch Faces - Make the smartwatch give that personal touch to your smartwatch. Besides you get to play around with the different kinds of wallpapers each day, everyday! 

 5. Sedentary Reminder - : If you have been in an unmoving position for a long period of time this smartwatch will remind you to get up and take a walk! This healthy feature instills you with awareness towards your health and let's you maintain a scheduled lifestyle! Remote Camera Control - With this feature you can click effortless self-portraits without any hesitation. Traveling solo or just chilling somewhere, you need a click and the perfect click is just a tap away, how convenient!

6. In-Built Music Controller - : Listening to music, just got easier with your very own music controller. Now, you don't have to unlock your phone every time there's a track change or there are any changes in the volume. Just tap on your smade - Practicing different sports activities, definitely gives us the edge in our regular lives and it also becomes a passion eventually. Not only it promotes health it also aids in holistic development and what more is that you can keep a tab on your progress every time you play your favorite sports mode on! 

 7. Social Media Notifications - Stay updated, stay connected! That is our ultimate motto and this specific feature in Kronos X2 makes it unique. Every time a notification comes your phone's way, you know what it is, who it is! 

 8. Warranty - 12 Months

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