Wireless Charger With Alarm Clock F5

Quantity: 100
Brands: F5
Tax Additional: 18% Extra
Usual Delivery Time: 24 Hrs Delivery
Customization Options: Digital Transfer Printing
  • QI CHARGE SURFACE – Up to 10W wireless charging speed. Charge your Qi-enabled iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or smartphone with wireless charging this smart alarm clock that keeps your phone powered up. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices and any phones with wireless charging back clip, such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy and more.
  • DUAL ALARAM CLOCK SETTINGS: Press and Hold Time Button to enter two alarms mode. You can also set snooze or sleep mode in this smart digital clock.
  • MOOD LIGHT FUNCTION: Night light can be set into 7 color modes. Simply press night light button on top and set the choice of colour.
  • Extra USB Port: This Clock is Built with Extra USB port on the back for charging device such as phone, tablet and Smart watch etc.
  • Note: THE ALARM CLOCK IS NOT BATTERY OPERATED. It requires continuous power supply to keep functioning & to keep display ON.